The 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™

Women's Pro Doubles Champion

Congratulations to Megan Fudge, the Women's Pro Doubles Champion at The 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™.

Final Standings

1. Megan Fudge
2. Jill Braverman
3. Susannah Barr
4. Christa Gecheva
5. Mari Humberg
6. Amanda Hendry
7. Regina Goldberg
8. Carolina Lopez Ascarate
9. Allison Harris
10. Bobbi Oshiro
11. Yana Newell
12. Riley Bohnert
13-16. Shelby Bates (alpha)
13-16. Arielle Butler (alpha)
13-16. Judit Castillo (alpha)
13-16. Kelsey Grambeau (alpha)

men's Pro Doubles Champion

Congratulations to Jack Munro, the Men's Pro Doubles Champion at The 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™.

Final Standings

1. Jack Munro
2. William Sobek
3. Brendon Long
4. Jason McNulty
5. CJ Klinger
6. Ryler DeHeart
7. Johnny Goldberg
8. Stefan Auvergne
9. Richard Livornese
10. Jayden Broderick
11. Andre Mick
12. Will Howells
13-16. Jack Foster (alpha)
13-16. Brandon Lane (alpha)
13-16. Spencer Lanier (alpha)
13-16. Rob Nunnery (alpha)


Q:  What is a Shuffle™?
  A Shuffle is a recreational or tournament racket sports format where players are shuffled in brackets or pools to create new combinations of partners and opponents.  Shuffles can be Singles Shuffles, Doubles Shuffles, Mixed Doubles Shuffles, or Shuffles based on skill level, age, rating, etc.

Q:  What is a Doubles Shuffle™?
 In a Doubles Shuffle, players enter as individuals (without a partner) and then are placed in small pools of players in order to play with and against shuffling/changing partners and opponents.  The goal is to have the best record in your pool  in order to advance to the next pool, and ultimately the top-4 Championship pool, where the best doubles player will be determined.

Q:  What is the 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™?
 16 men and 16 women will compete for $75,000 dollars and the right to be crowned the best doubles player at the 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™.  This event takes place on Sunday May 26, and the finals will air live from 2:30-4:30pm EST on FS1 (plus streaming).  Fans will see new and exciting doubles combinations of their favorite pro players.

Q:  What is the bracket format for the 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™?
 Both the Men’s and Women’s APP NYC Pro Shuffle will start with 4 pools of 4 pro players, with top seeds separated, but the remaining players shuffled throughout the pools.  Players in each pool will play with and against each other, with the top 2 players advancing to the next pool round.   Here is an example of how a 16-player bracket would be created:

Q:  What is the scoring and game format for the 2024 APP NYC Pro Shuffle™?
 In all pool play, including Championship Pool play, players will play one Game to 21, rally scoring with each combination of teams playing against the others, resulting in a total of 3 Games to 21 to complete play in a pool.  To win a Game, a team only has to win by 1 point (instead of the traditional 2), so at 20-20, the Game is one of sudden death, and the next point wins (regardless of who is serving).  

Q:  How is it determined which players advance to the next pool?
 Standings In each pool will be determined by Won-Loss record, with ties broken by comparing the players’ points won minus points lost when considering all Games in the pool.  Here is an example of a simplified presentation of how pool standings are maintained:

Q:  What happens to players who do not advance out of the first pool?
 Players who do not advance out of the first 3-Game pool will go to the Losers’ Bracket where they will be shuffled into another pool to play for 9-16th place.

Q:  How is the winner determined?
The final pool is played just like the other pools, but with the top finisher being crowned the Shuffle Champion.

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