APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues

The APP and UTR Sports are launching a groundbreaking new initiative for millions of recreational pickleball players across the nation — the creation of APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues.

Pickleball players across the United States to form teams and compete at the local and national level to be crowned national champions. Divisions within each league feature competitions for men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles teams among three age groups (ages 39 and below, 40-59, and 60 and older) and three skill levels using the UTR Pickleball Rating: recreational, intermediate, and advanced.

With nearly 50 million adult Americans playing pickleball, APP UTR Pickleball Leagues now offers athletes of all ages and abilities the opportunity to form teams and compete head-to-head in their local communities. It establishes the largest grassroots team pickleball competition ever.

Below are key dates for the 2024 season of APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues:
Spring: Registration opens
Early Summer: Summer Session begins
Summer: Registration re-opens for Fall Session
Fall: Fall Session begins
December 7-10: APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues National Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  

Each team will be comprised of a minimum of six and a maximum of 16 players. Team captains will be elected to organize team rosters, coordinate scheduling and secure a venue for home matches. Venues can include park districts, country clubs, indoor tennis clubs, private courts or any other local area approved by APP UTR Sports Pickleball Leagues.  

Frequently Asked Questions