APP Amateur Tournament Format Gets Makeover

The APP will debut a new amateur tournament format for 2024.

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November 15, 2023
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APP Amateur Tournament Format Gets Makeover

Heading in to 2024, the APP continues to lead pickleball with the debut of a new amateur tournament format

Pickleball players spoke and the APP listened. Already renowned as being the tour that ensures all players are treated to the same high standards, the APP will break out a new tournament format for its amateur pickleball players, starting with the 2024 APP Midwest Open in January of 2024, and the positive impact for players will be multifaceted.

To ensure all players have maximum time on-court, and minimum time between games, all amateur play will now be in a round robin format — pool play — with playoffs. All teams and players will play a minimum of four to six games, and all round robins will consist of a minimum of four teams or players, and a maximum of six teams or players. The top four teams will advance to the playoff. Regardless of round robin or pool play, a minimum of four teams or players will go to playoffs. There will be a potential for six teams or players to advance to the playoff if a bracket consists of more than two pools of six teams or players. Scoring during the round robin portion will be one game to 15 points, with winners needing to win by two points. Medal matches will be the best of three games to 11 points with winners needing to win by two.

With this new format, players are guaranteed more matches, and they will remain in their designated courts for a longer period of time so that friends and fans may watch. The APP’s goal is to allow players to compete in four-plus-hour blocks and not have to wait around for a back-draw. This will enable players to better plan their tournament experiences, and be able to watch the pros play on Championship Court.

“This is a fundamental change in the way we will run our tournaments, and it’s being done because we asked the players what they want, and they told us — more quality match time, and less waiting between games. Changing our format, from double elimination to round robin, shows that the APP continues to set the standard in pickleball, something we will always strive to achieve on behalf of the players who are at the heart of our organization,” says Ken Herrmann, founder of the APP.

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