APP Announces DripDrop as Official Hydration Mix of APP Tour

DripDrop Hydration, PBC, leading rehydration brand, joins the APP as Official APP Tour Partner and exclusive sponsor of Hydration Mix category.

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June 21, 2023
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APP Announces DripDrop as Official Hydration Mix of APP Tour

The APP has announced a partnership with DripDrop Hydration, a leading electrolyte powder brand, as the Official Hydration Mix of the APP Tour.

DripDrop is superior rehydration that was invented by a Mayo Clinic trained doctor during humanitarian aid to defeat life-threatening dehydration. DripDop’s journey began on the frontlines with Dr. Eduardo Dolhun’s unrelenting mission to develop a product that met (and exceeded) the rigorous standards of an ORS (oral rehydration solution), representing a major step forward in hydration. DripDrop is trusted by doctors, firefighters, elite athletes and the US military, and most recently by many pro and amateur pickleball players. DripDrop’s mission is to defeat life-threatening dehydration at home and abroad, partnering with organizations such as Global Empowerment Mission, the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children and the National Volunteer Fire Council to provide crucial humanitarian aid for those in need. As an Official Partner of the APP, DripDrop now brings its rehydration science to tens of millions of pickleball players just in time for summer.

The partnership between DripDrop and the APP will play a crucial role in helping pickleball players compete at optimum levels throughout competition. At APP Tour events, players can take part in upwards of seven matches over ten hours of play for three or more days – making hydration critical to the success of pickleball players at all levels. Given the length of tournament play across various levels of competition, the APP and DripDrop are steadfastly committed to ensuring a healthy, hydrated atmosphere for the APP Tour and beyond.

As part of DripDrop’s sponsorship of the APP, the brand will be immersed into the APP Tour with in-venue branding and visibility, including signage, social media promotion, on-site activation spaces featuring product sampling, and inclusion in APP Tour broadcast productions – spanning coverage on CBS Sports Network and ESPN2 as well as livestream coverage on APPTV and ESPN+.

“We are delighted to partner with DripDrop to bring next-level hydration to the APP,” commented APP Chief Marketing Officer Tom Webb. “As we embark on the summer months of 2023, hydration for the tens of millions of pickleball players across the nation will be as important as ever. We have great admiration for DripDrop’s humanitarian efforts and global mission of defeating dehydration and are proud to have them join us on the APP Tour.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the APP Tour to bring superior rehydration to the athletes and fans,” says Jennifer Walloch, VP Brand Marketing at DripDrop. “Many collegiate and professional sports teams rely on DripDrop as their go-to rehydration product. Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists and Trainers can purchase any hydration product, but they choose DripDrop. Favored by many elite athletes, DripDrop is excited to share fast rehydration with pickleball players on and off the court.”

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