The APP Launches World-First Pickleball Player Gifs On Giphy

Groundbreaking social media activation features GIFs of multiple players competing at APP Tour events now available via GIPHY; Player GIFs and stickers live now and available for use on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

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June 6, 2023
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The APP Launches World-First Pickleball Player Gifs On Giphy

The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) has broken new ground for the sport of pickleball with the launch of a wide range of GIFs and stickers, featuring professional pickleball players competing on the 2023 APP Tour. From today, users of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat can search for and use a large variety of player GIFs including Parris Todd, Hunter and Yates Johnson, Alix Truong, Shelby Bates, Megan Fudge, Susannah Barr, Andrei Daescu, and several APP Next Gen pros including Riley Bohnert, Jayden Broderick, Rainbow Ciampini, Jack Foster, Ava Kalist, and more.

To access the GIFs via GIPHY on social media platforms, users can search keywords such as “pickleball”, “APP”, “APP Tour”, as well as the players’ names. The images were all shot at a content capture session that took place in Mesa, Arizona, prior to the 2023 APP Mesa Open. Over 30 players were photographed and videoed over two days in a dedicated studio space, with the content produced now being deployed by the APP across its broadcast and digital platforms, as well as being shared with players for their own social media channels.

“We’re stoked to have the players GIFs now live, the first time pickleball has ever seen player content being produced like this,” commented Tom Webb, Chief Marketing Officer of the APP. “This is the sort of investment that elite level sports take for granted, and for pickleball, this is a world-first. However, these are the sorts of programs that will help grow awareness of pro players, so it’s an incredibly valuable project for the APP and the players who took part.”

The full list of players whose GIFs now feature on GIPHY is:

Stefan Auvergne

Susannah Barr

Shelby Bates

Riley Bohnert

Jayden Broderick

Rainbow Ciampini

Andrei Daescu

Ryler DeHeart

Salome Devidze

Jack Foster

Megan Fudge

Simone Jardim

Hunter Johnson

Yates Johnson

Ava Kalist

Spencer Lanier

Richard Livornese

Brendon Long

Jhonnatan Medina-Alvarez

Heather Nobler

Rob Nunnery

Austin O’Reilly

Bobbi Oshiro

Alli Phillips

Millie Rane


Austin Tchikatilov

Parris Todd

Alix Truong

Ivy Tschetter

Garrett Whitehead

No items found.

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